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Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I give the project to you rather than to a company

The first factor is the price. In fact, in the most cases even if you give your project to a company small to medium websites are handled by a single developer, while you receive the same quality and deadlines you pay more because there are some other staff in the companies that need to get paid e.g. managers and so on. The office rent and other utilities as well included in the price.


Furthermore, I am the one contact person you deal with who knows all your project's ins and outs. And who is always there to support you should be there any problem with your project after production release. No long waits and hassle of contacting and explaining your circumstances to a stranger every time you need support.


Why could not I do it myself

Well, not only you could but you should try. As web became a substantial aspect of our everyday lives having some basic understanding of it will not heart you. There are many free website building tools available online that you can use to create a website or a blog and so on. Having said that, if you want to save your time and have a professionally developed, good looking and usable website, and therefore better user experience for your customers which in turn means more growth and profit for you, the professional developer is the way to go.

Can we meet to discuss the project details

Well, these days technology gives people opportunity to cooperate across borders thousands kilometers away from one another or from offices. And in the most cases it is a waste of time to meet to discuss simple details, don't you have email or skype mate?
However, in case if you have a major project and you need a personal meeting, presentation and so on, than I can come and meet you. If you are locate somewhere in Europe or Russia it will take me just a few hours to reach you. Basically, I can travel virtually anywhere in the world to meet you but the most of time you will have to cover my travel costs, unless I have a special significant interest to your project. In that case I am ready to cover the expenses myself.

How can I pay for your services

There are multiple options available:

  1. Credit Cards - MasterCard and Visa.
  2. Skrill
  3. PayPal
  4. Yandex Money
  5. Bank transfer (either to a bank account/wire transfer or personal transfer e.g MoneyGram).
How can I get a refund

Usually, a refund is not provided, as you pay only after assessing and accepting the work. In extreme cases, if for whatever reasons you have paid upfront and the work is not done at all, you will receive a full refund. However, if some amount of work is already done you will receive refund on pro-rata bases.

What about domain and hosting

Domain name and hosting are not included in the price quotation.


The domain name is the name of your website (e.g you do not really want to know the technical voodoo stuff behind that (if you do start from Wikipedia ).
The point is that you have to pay a subscription fee for the domain name.


In general, ".com" costs $10-$12 per year.


Moving on to the hosting, hosting is the service which makes your website available over the Internet. In some sense it is a place (server) where your website itself resides (files, databases and so on). You may think about domain name as the address of an apartment and the hosting is the apartment itself. If you want to get more technical go to Wikipedia . You will need about $80 yearly for a small business website. If you are going to have more than just a simple website e.g. big online store or social network you may be required to pay significantly more for the hosting service.
Generally, it is a good idea to have your website hosted close by to your target audience. It reduces the server response time, and thus, the website load time. That being said, you may as well choose American hosting services which are cheaper.